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This unique mirror mounts firmly because the rubber block that grips your eyeglass temples is hollow on one side.

You get an undistorted view and accurate judgment of distance because the mirror is made of real flat glass.

It will even mount on fine wire temples as long as they have a hinge long enough for the ¾” long block to

grip, or a sharp bend where the hinge would be.

Some use this mirror for walking and other activities. For this purpose it can also be mounted on a cap bill or the brim of a hat.

The mounting arm can be bent by the user for a custom fit. (See bending instructions on Instructions page.)

There is no vibration from wind or rough road surfaces when mounted on eyeglasses.

There will be some movement when it is mounted on a helmet visor if the helmet isn’t adjusted snugly.

For those l i vi ng in countries where traffic drives on the left, this mirror mounts just as well on the right. (For details, watch the video on YouTube.)

Available in white or black plastic

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The packaging used for Internet purchases is shown below, not in the video.

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YouTube Video

Retail packaging has changed since this video was made.

Shipping and handling, $3.00 per order to the United States and its territories and possessions.

For shipments to all other areas, please inquire at

Usually, orders received before 9:00 am are shipped the same day. Most other orders will be shipped the next day.

All parts are proudly made in the USA

 and are assembled and packaged in Red Oak, Iowa, USA.

Dave Chaney, inventer of the Safety Sport Mirror--Circa 1976

Front of Package

The package includes two Mirror heads, the 1” and the 3/4”.

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Back  of  Package

With bending and  mounting Instructions.

Testimonial of the Week

 Used by permission

John Enzweiler, Moorpark, CA: “I picked up my first mirror on RAGBRAI many years ago.  It still works fine but I am ordering one for a friend so I thought I would get a new one at this time.  At this point I would have a hard time riding without a mirror.  Many thanks, John”  (John later ordered ten mirrors)

The following are excerpts from testimonials.

Read their complete testimonials on the Testimonial page.

Once you get used to using it (only took me a matter of minutes) it outperforms any bike mounted mirror I have ever had.

What an improvement over all those other designs!

Brilliant product.

With lot of winds at high speeds the mirror did not budge, unlike my old one.

To me, the perfectly-designed and well-build Safety Sport Mirror is the most important safety device for cyclist.

The mirror remains in position unless I need to adjust it.

Its not often I buy a product that I am totally satisfied with.

I have been using Safety Sport for 10 Years or so. They are the best by far!

I've been using a Safety Sport Mirror for the last 25 years. It is the greatest!

I got my mirror yesterday and it's WONDERFUL!

I picked up my first mirror on RAGBRAI many years ago.  It still works fine

Its undistorted, high-quality mirror is perfect for easily gauging the traffic behind me.

I am Deaf and use a walker. I am now able to walk safely and freely anywhere I choose.”

See Instruction Page for instructions for mounting on  three types of glasses–with temples up to 9 mm thick.

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Safety Sport Mirror Co. Owner Wayne Donohue

racing  as an eighty-year-old in a 12-hour race 9/1/12

(When Wayne owned his bike shop he bought mirrors directly from Mr Chaney.)

The Safety Sport Mirror Co., LLC is FOR SALE.

Having passed my 86th birthday, as much as I have enjoyed this business, it’s time to let it go. I have enjoyed the friends I have made through selling this mirror in most US states and ten countries. You can visit my Testimonial page to see why so many users are convinced that this is the best mirror of its kind. Many sales are made by referrals when cyclists see a friend using the mirror.

If you would like more information, please contact me at, or call me at 712.587.1503.




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