2003 UMCA 24 Hour Time Trial Championships

Overall 24 Hour Winners

Men's division winner was Mike Trevino with 463 miles, and overall winner in the female division was Karen McKee with 400 miles.

24-28 year division

1st place is Mike Trevino with 463 miles, 2nd place is Dennis Grelk with 342 miles.

29-33 year division

The 1st place winner is Lee Unwin with 380 miles, 2nd place is Troy McAdams with 247 miles, and 3rd place is Chip Tabor with 209 miles.

34-38 year division

The 1st place winner is David Haase with 430 miles finishing at 6:04am, 2nd place is Fredi Virag with 430 miles finishing at 6:35am, and 3rd place is Stuart Brookenberg with 380 miles.

39-43 division

1st place winner is Paul Riehemann with 441 miles, 2nd place is Rainer Kiworra with 431 miles, and 3rd place is Mark Armstrong with 400 miles. In the 39-43 women's division 1st place was Karen McKee with 400 miles.

44-48 Division

1st place is Jeff Weible with 428 miles, 2nd place is Bob Fourney with 403 miles, and 3rd place is Paul Carpenter with 390 miles. We would like to apopogize for a mistake made in the wee hours of the morning towards the race. Our mistake placed Bob in third instead of second place as we originally stated at the end of the race. He very graciously allowed me time to check our tallying, thus verifying his lap and our mistake. Again our apologies to both men.

49-53 Year Division

In the 49-53 division 1st place is Randy VanZee with 429 miles, 2nd place is Richard Eischen with 400 miles, and 3rd is Mark Talsma with 353 miles. Women's winner for this division is Nancy Guth with 333 miles.

54-58 Year Division

1st place is Reed Finfrock with 447 miles, 2nd place is Robert Mutel with 304 miles, and 3rd place is Fred Boethling with 171 miles. We also awarded a metal for 1st place to Bill Schwarz, hand cyclist, for 152 miles!

59- 63 Year Division

1st place goes to John Gallovic with 341 miles, 2nd place is Paul Pierce with 266 miles, and 3rd place is Tom Davies with 228 miles. Paul Pierce was involved in an bike-car accident on the night loop near the small town of Donahue. However, he is doing fine. He was struck from behind by a moving vehicle. The person driving the car was not intoxicated. He suffered minor scrapes and bruising, plus several small hairline fractures to his right femur. He was released from the hospital about 4:30 Sunday morning and is in great spirits. We wish Paul a speedy recovery and our thought are with him and his wife.

64-68 Year Division

James Cartwright finished 1st with 375 miles, followed by William Benick 2nd place with 152 miles.

69- 73 Year Division

1st place goes to Wayne Donohue with 335 miles.

Team Divisons

We had one two man team, consisting of Rich Peterson and Michael Forkenbrock. They finished with 418 miles. We also had 2 four man teams. The team of Kelly Parham, Jon Kent, Tim Wright, and Gary Martin finished 1st with a total of 496 miles. The team of Joe Hicks, Daryl Barnes, Daniel Clemeants, and Ronnie Wehunt finished 2nd with a total of 399 miles.

6 and 12 Hour Time Trial Championships

6 Hour Time Trials

1st: Tom Waterman (114 miles, 11:18 am), 2nd: Tyree Williams (114 miles, 11:21 am), 3rd: Bud Johnson (114 miles, 11:56 am); 1st (F): Terri Emsuiler (95 mi, 11:17am)

12 Hour Time Trials

1st: Glenn Shultes (228 mi), 2nd:Ryan Ross (209 mi, 5:23 pm),. 3rd: Luke Jeter (209mi, 5:31 pm); 1st (F): Geri Mariano (133 mi).

Congratulations to all riders and their crews.

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